Why I can’t have nice things.

Here’s the thing.

I love money.

Here’s the reality.

I have no money.

In the past 20 something years I’ve managed to blow through savings, credit cards, mini trust funds, annual yearly incomes on some pretty ridiculous things. A majority of those pretty ridiculous things that I just needed to have, has accumulate a large mountain of debt.

I currently owe the following people or institutions (or as I like to call them my investors) money:

The wonderful people at Wellsfargo Visa. $ 3,208
The great people at Bank of America Visa $3,838
My lovely understanding parents $10,000
My not so great former roommate* $9,225
My life insurance** $1,000
TOTAL $26,272

What in the unholy hell did I do with ALL my money?

Well like every warm blooded female, I shopped. I shopped and I ate my way through $26,272 dollars worth of debt. Because nothing says I love you better then a shopping bag full of stuff and a full belly. With all the money I have spent in the past 20 years, I could have done a lot of stuff.

Stuff I could have bought with out a large mountain of debt:

A small house in either my hometown or some rural town in Montana
4 to 5 Balenciaga City Bags
Several trips around the world
Financed a few start up companies
Financed and self published all of my currently in progress literary works
Cosmetic surgery (deviated septum’s don’t fix themselves and teeth don’t get straightened for free either)
All of my dental work that is currently on hold at Western Dental

Needless to say, times are a changing. I absolutely cannot continue going and accumulating anymore debt. So in a way this is my way of chronicling my quest to pay off my debts and see exactly were all my money goes.

Enjoy my stories, learn from my mistakes, and if you would like to send any donations or buy me stuff that would be greatly appreciated.

*Technically I can’t hate on my former roommate. I’m calling her “not so great” because of our own personal drama, however she was nice enough to cover rent for me on countless occasions to which I am grateful. However in the event that I become famous, win the lotto, or come into a large lump sum of money; that debt will take its sweet time to be paid. Sorry boo, but you were right I’m irresponsible and “Frankly acts like a teenager”.

**Technically I don’t necessarily owe them money. I am however on the outs with them for over a year. They haven’t collected my monthly payment since I had my payment information changed (my home was broken into and I had all my information changed). They stated that my signature changed from the day I signed my contract (which was when I was 18 and my signature has changed since then), and refuse to take my information even after sending them my Driver’s license and multiple copies of my signature. Which is bullshit. So that’s a maybe debt.

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